What Are The Most Common Bugs Found In Basements?

Whether you’ve remodelled your basement to give you more livable square footage or you use it for simple storage, you might notice that it attracts a lot of bugs. This is due in part to the moisture levels of basements, which are often higher than the rest of the home. If you’re finding a lot of insects and arachnids in your basement, here’s what you can expect to find: 


Winnipeg Pest Control Featured in CBC Discussion

WINNIPEG, Canada - GL Pest Control, Winnipeg’s leading pest control company, is proud to announce that Gilles Lambert, owner and founder of the company, has recently been featured in a news story to discuss the increasing problem that homeowners and business owners are facing from cockroaches. Gilles was featured on CBC Manitoba and Radio-Canada OHdio. 


Do Mice Hibernate? Where Do Mice Go In The Winter?

In Winnipeg, many of us shack up inside our homes during the winter and avoid venturing out into the cold whenever possible. But you may not be the only one who’s seeking warmth in your house. What’s that sound you hear in the attic? Who keeps leaving droppings in your sock drawer? If you notice these signs, you may have a mouse problem on your hands. Is that rodent looking for a place to sleep through the winter, or have they decided to move in with you?

Unfortunately, mice do not hibernate in the winter (but wouldn’t it be great if they did?). Any homeowner who’s dealt with a pest infestation knows that rodents tend to appear around this snowy season. Why? Because it’s cold outside, and they want to get inside your house to warm up and find food. Most pest problems crop up in the summer, but rodents are unique; once they’re inside your home, they are active during the winter, and they reproduce quickly.

Mice can fit inside spaces as small as the eraser of a pencil. They look for cracks in your foundation or external pipes and infiltrate through them. Once they’re in, it’s challenging to get them out. They are typically most active at night and only travel a small, safe radius. They like to hoard food, set up a den, and sit tight. It might be easy to squish an ant or crush a cockroach, but catching a mouse isn’t as simple. Left unchecked, two rodents can multiply rapidly, and then you’ll be dealing with a bigger problem.

What are the dangers of a mouse infestation?

Young children may find mice cute, but there’s nothing pretty about the havoc they wreak on your home. For one, they damage your property. From chewing insulation to spoiling it with their waste, they create a real mess in any home they inhabit. If they get inside your pantry, they can ruin hundreds of dollars worth of groceries by tearing through packages and eating the food inside.

Mice also spread diseases. There are up to 35 diseases that can be spread by rodents, including Hantavirus. Mice droppings are known to irritate allergies. The fur on a mouse can contain ticks or fleas that will be brought inside your home. They may even have internal parasites. In other words, mice are infectious creatures that can threaten the health of your household.

Finally, they stink! The smell of a mouse den is truly repugnant. If you notice a strange smell in your room, check behind furniture and inside cabinets. You might find a den of unwanted guests. Be careful to wear a mask when disturbing or cleaning these areas to protect yourself.

How do you get rid of mice?

The earlier you act against mice, the better; they reproduce quickly, and an infestation gets out of control in no time. Managing a mouse nest takes expertise. It involves plugging any outside holes, securing open food sources, and strategically placing traps. It’s a job for a professional.

The most efficient way to eliminate a rodent problem is by contacting a mouse exterminator in Winnipeg. If you suspect that there’s a mouse in your house, call Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services.

How To Identify Bed Bugs & How To Get Rid Of Them

It’s another beautiful morning - until you notice the bite marks on your legs. These strange red dots are itchy and irritated, and they confirm your worst fear: bed bugs. If you’ve dealt with a bed bug infestation in the past, then you know how dreadful and drawn-out this process can be. Before you toss your mattress out the window, read on to learn about how you can confirm a bed bug infestation and how to effectively get rid of them: 


The 5 Most Common Pests in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, some pests will enter your home in the fall to stay over the winter. Then, in summer, as you lay out in your patio or the beach trying to soak up every ounce of sunshine, you may find yourself fighting off mosquitoes, if not wasps. In Winnipeg, different seasons attract different pests. These are the five most common pests you’ll find around:


Elm Beetles and Ash Borers

In a recent post, we talked about cankerworms and Winnipeg’s urban forest. We mentioned that while cankerworms can weaken a tree, they are not an immediate threat to the tree’s life. Today, we take a look at two bugs that are an important threat to Winnipeg’s beautiful trees; the elm bark beetle and the emerald ash borer. First, we’ll discuss the history of the pests; then, we’ll talk about how GL Pest Control can help you protect the trees on your property.


13 Facts About Cockroaches

According to the pest control professionals at Gilles Lambert Pest Control, cockroaches are one of the most disliked pests among their customers. Below we list 13 cockroach facts which assist in keeping them alive and well.


Knocking Down A Wasp Nest

Watching the villain in a movie or cartoon getting swarmed by a horde of angry wasps is highly entertaining. But if you have a wasp nest somewhere on your property, you know that wasps are no joke. Wasp nests are a serious concern for homeowners, and a lot of misinformation surrounds their removal.

Searching the internet for wasp nest removal techniques yields a lot of questionable information that could ultimately harm you or those you love. So, let us at Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. set the record straight. Wasps are serious pests and you don't want to trust bad advice and end up paying the consequences. Read on to get some accurate background information on wasps as well as reliable advice on when and how to remove their nests - and when it is time to call in the experts.


Ant Intelligence

Humans are fascinated by ants. One reason for this is how irritating they can be; an anthill near your home or a swarm of ants at your picnic can create a host of unpleasant problems, from inconveniences to real damage to your food and health. The other reason we’re so fascinated by ants is that they are social animals whose large group interactions may remind us of our own. Individuals working on artificial intelligence have used the concept of ant swarm intelligence in a lot of pioneering works, and algorithms inspired by ants are so prevalent in computer programming that a whole classification of them is known as “ant colony optimization algorithms”. How smart are ants, and what makes them so smart?


Watch if you dare!

My son brought this Youtube channel to my attention and I must say that I found it quite captivating! The Brave Wilderness Channel is a collection wild world of adventures and amazing up-close animal and insect encounters!

Watch here as Coyote Peterson allows himself to be stung by a wasp, describes to you how it feels and shows you how to deal with the aftermath.  This is actually a rather mild introduction to this wild man's antics - be forewarned that he has allowed himself to be bitten by scorpions, bullet ants, giant centipedes, gila monsters, alligators and many more I am sure! You may want to subscribe to his channel if you enjoy this video! Very dramatic, entertaining and educational!