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About Gilles Lambert Pest Control

Gilles Lambert P.C.Winnipeg’s best kept secret

Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. started as a small one-man company with nothing but past experience. After much hard work and effort, the company developed, and because of its integrity and many satisfied customers it has flourished into what it is today, the largest independent pest control service company in Manitoba. We are proactive, using current techniques and we innovate to discover treatment methods that advance our competitive position.

The company has 5 service vehicles, 5 full-time licensed technicians and a few casual employees and administrative staff. The company first began in St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba and has relocated its office to St. Adolphe, Manitoba which is more centrally located to serve all of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Call our office today for more information.

Our Mission

Winnipeg’s largest and most innovative locally owned pest control company
Overcoming challenges and the satisfaction of helping people
Products, services, maintenance and customer care

Our Philosophy

We believe it is import to have an understanding of the biology and behaviour of any troublesome pest while selecting the best method of control and disrupting the ideal conditions by which insects and animals live, forage and breed.

We use our years of experience to select the best methods of prevention and control providing our clients with quick and effective relief.

Company Commitment

To Service


To Responsiveness


To Safety

Pests never take a break and are especially active during the warmer months, although they always keep us very busy we still aim for same day service because we know exactly how overwhelming it can be!

Call Us Right Away!


Gilles Lambert Pest Control is committed to helping protect public health by preventing and controling pest populations and minimizing any associated health hazards and any potential structural damage
At GL Pest Control we use products and methods that are compatible with the environment
We are fully certified, bonded and insured in accordance with all of the governing associations:  MPMA, CPMA and NPMA