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Pests like mice are troublesome due to their eating habits, rapid reproduction, and ability to carry diseases. Quick and effective mice pest control service would be essential if your house or office was invaded by mice. If you have intrutors in Winnipeg, contact Gilles Lambert Pest Control, the experts in dealing with these pervasive pests.

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One of the inherent problems with mice is their overall intelligence. They’re incredibly curious creatures, which makes them a bit easier to bait then some of their rodent cousins, but they typically won’t go on foraging paths outside of a small radius from safety. That means a mice exterminator Winnipeg can rely on will place traps appropriately throughout the home and entry points, ensuring that the mice will take at least some of the bait. Their intelligence also means patience and experience are true virtues; it may take some time to get them all, but it is possible with the right tools and expertise.

There are a wide variety of extermination techniques that can be used to deal with these little critters. Poison baits have fallen somewhat out of favour recently, but are still incredibly useful; snap traps have also maintained their utility. A great Winnipeg pest control company to have faith in will discuss these options with you; we want to ensure that you’re happy with our pest control solutions. Owing to how quickly mice reproduce, if you see one you’ll want to call us right away; one means many.

Getting mice out of your home is one thing; keeping them away is another. The best way of dealing with a mouse infestation is prevention, so we’ll do a thorough inspection of your residence to find out where the mice might be hiding and where they might be getting in and out of the walls. Mice can use a complex network of spaces to get around; they can fit through holes as small as a pencil. We’ll find all of these spots and cover them appropriately once all the mice are gone in order to prevent new rodents from taking up residence in your home.

There are a wide array of different types of mice:

House mouse and wild field mice

closeup photo of a field mouseclose up of a mouse

Each carry their own set of potentially deadly diseases and health risks. The patterns of these mice will vary from species to species, so great mouse control Winnipeg residents can use will take into account the species that are present in our environment and in your house. The techniques will vary depending on exactly what type of mice we’re dealing with, how many there, and the specific needs of your household. Gilles Lambert Pest Control is ready and willing to put in the work to make a difference; pest problem give us a call! Open during Covid-19 as an essential service.
For more details about mice see our mice info page.

Rodent-proof your home

The first line of defense is to get rid of easy entry points. Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime, while rats can enter through a quarter-sized hole. Even the small gaps created by worn thresholds under doors will allow mice access to your home.

  • Use metal weather stripping under doors, and weatherstrip windows.
  • Patch cracks in foundations.
  • Stuff steel wool around pipes before caulking or plastering.
  • Cover dryer vents, attic vents, and soffits with fine mesh metal screening.

Make your home less appealing to rodents

  • Remove cozy nesting sites in unused clutter around your house and garage.
  • Cut tall grass and weeds back from your house.
  • Secure garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Raise woodpiles about 30 centimeters (1 foot) off the ground. Place them away from your house.
  • Never place fatty or oily food waste, eggs, or milk products in the composter.
  • Use a layer of heavy metal mesh between the soil and the bottom of the composter.
  • Eliminate water sources (like leaky taps, sweating pipes, and open drains).
  • Keep your kitchen clean. Store dry food and dry pet food in metal or glass containers.


How does an exterminator get rid of mice?

Extermination is a two-part process: we want to rid your home of any mice who have taken up residence and eliminate any entry points that could be used by mice to enter your residence in the future.

Extermination may involve setting mouse traps and bait stations in areas that are frequented by mice. Entry points can be sealed with sheet metal, wire mesh, or other substances.

How long does it take an exterminator to get rid of mice?

No two mouse infestations are exactly the same, so it’s hard to give an exact timeframe for mouse extermination. We offer on the first service an exterior inspection for structural deficiencies if we find any we will seal it up so no new activity can’t enter the home. Remember – if you don’t properly seal off the premises, new mice may enter your building. We then proceed to set up the interior of the house with all sorts of devices to quickly eliminate the mice population. We then follow up two more times both two weeks apart to make sure the problem is eliminated and customer satisfaction is ensured.

Do mice come back after extermination?

They can – though, of course, it won’t be the same mice. As long as rodents have an easy access point into your building, they’ll continue to enter it; human habitats are warm and full of food. That’s why we highly recommend you listen to your exterminator’s advice on mice control and seal off all possible access points to your home. While it can be a lot of work, it’s worth it to prevent further infestations.

How do you know if you have mice in your home?

ice tend to be quiet and discreet – after all, they don’t want to be caught by humans. Despite this, there are a number of signs that mice may be in your home. You may:
-Hear scratching and gnawing sounds
-See small black mouse droppings
-See grease or oil marks on walls, appliances, pipes, or other surfaces that the mice travel along frequently
-Smell something acrid, somewhat like ammonia – the smell of mouse urine is detectible, but the smells of human activity can mask the smell of urine. If you suspect mice, try smelling the air before cooking or engaging in other daily routines.
-See mouse prints in the dust
-Notice damage to the packaging of your foodstuffs
-See mice – if you see one, you probably have several
-Notice your allergies are getting triggered without an obvious source
-Notice your pets are curious without an obvious source
-See “urine pillars”, where grease, dirt, and hair combine with mouse urine

If you notice any of those signs, you may have a mouse infestation.

Why do I have mice all of a sudden?

Characteristically, mice are scavengers, always looking for food and shelter. Even if your home is exceptionally clean, you may find mice have taken up residence. It’s not all about cleanliness – it’s about whether or not mice have access points to your home. They tend to migrate into homes when the weather starts getting cool, as they need a warm place for the winter. That said, mice are known to enter homes in all seasons.

Are mice smart enough to avoid traps?

It’s hard to speak to the intelligence of mice, but we can certainly speak to their behaviours. Mice will avoid areas that smell like humans, so traps should be set with gloves to prevent them from having a human scent. They should be set along walls, and they can’t be set with too much bait. Avoid reusing traps, as mice may be able to smell the mouse who died on the trap. You might try acclimating mice to traps by using bait on traps that haven’t been set yet, then setting them when you notice activity.

Can you get sick from mice being in your house?

Yes. Mice can carry all kinds of different diseases, including hantavirus, salmonella, and listeria. These illnesses can be transmitted through their urine, droppings, and saliva – and they can all cause serious health problems. And that’s without even mentioning how mice can increase the risk of fire and water damage in your home.

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For a mice exterminator in Winnipeg choose GL pest control!

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