Industrial Pest Control in Winnipeg

Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. offers regular pest control contracts for food processing plants and manufacturing plants. Some of these plants require a full HACCP program (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). We also utilize IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to service your industrial facility.

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Industrial Pest Control

For effective industrial pest control in Winnipeg, it’s important to be fully aware of three particular problem areas within the majority of industrial plants and warehouses:

Stored Food Items

If your facility houses stored food items, mice and other pests will be attracted to the obvious source: food. Should any type of pest be discovered within a stored food item, the result could be as severe as the shutdown of your warehouse. In that event, your profits would tumble and the general reputation of your company would suffer.

Elevated Rafters

Birds are very fond of calling your elevated rafters home. While they may seem harmless, many people don’t understand the type of risk they can pose to a facility. From damage to the interior of your facility to the spreading of disease, birds are a true threat to the safety of your operation.

Un-rotated Stock

In the event that your facility has failed to rotate stock on a first in, first out basis, the un-rotated stock is left extremely vulnerable to being overrun by pests, particularly mice. Should that be the case, your third-party audits will not go as planned and cause major headaches for your operation.

However, by working with Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc., we can help you prevent and eliminate those situations from becoming persistent problems.

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