Residential Pest Control in Winnipeg

When you’re searching for reliable pest control in Winnipeg, count on Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. for personalized service from beginning to end. We’ll inspect your home carefully, identifying possible entrances for pests and blocking any more unwelcome guests from entering you and your family’s home.

Always safe and effective, our services can rid your home of pests who bring germs, dirt and bacteria into your home. Don’t live in fear of an unexpected pest on your floors, crawling on your walls or lurking in your basement. Gilles Lambert Pest Control wants you to feel at home again.

Pest Removal for Winnipeg Homeowners

Have you found bed bugs at your Winnipeg home? Don’t waste time and let bed bugs infiltrate even further, and don’t waste time with ineffective home remedies. When you need to remove bed bugs from your home, calling a proven professional like Gilles Lambert is a prudent choice. With years of industry experience, Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services can make quick work of your bed bug problem.

Pest Dangers at Your Home

The increasing amount of pests that may enter your dwelling can become a serious problem. For example, some insects damage property and even bite. Rodent activity may cause disease with their droppings and cause serious structural damage. Wall voids, attics or any small crack or crevice are where pests may congregate. We have a solution for anything that’s bugging you. Our fast and friendly service, years of experience and licensed technicians offer you safe and effective treatments that are guaranteed to work.

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Our company offers a regular contract or one-time services, as well as after-hour emergency services. Call us today for more information.

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