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What makes an animal a pest? The answer varies from culture to culture; pests are basically just any unwanted animal that adversely affects human life. There are three main qualities that create a pest: it’s ability to transmit disease, it’s diet and it’s reproductive habits. These three qualities are often found at a high in two broad categories of animal: rodents and insects. Insects are particularly pernicious, because unlike rodents, they tend to eat anything; book bindings, wood, your blood; it all just depends on the insect.

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Insects can usually be divided into two groups; exterior pests and interior pests. In Winnipeg, the most well known exterior pest in the mosquito, and few residents realize how much an exterminator can help with these bloodsuckers. Prevention strategies include a thorough examination of your premise and the removal of stagnant water. Extermination strategies involve ovicidal and larvicidal treatments to kill skeeters before they’ve even hatched, as well as adult mosquito extermination techniques. When the City spraying isn’t enough, call Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services to make a change.

The pests in your interior are even more important to tackle in most cases; they’ve developed over time to live alongside humans, so they pose real problems when you’re not an experienced exterminator. Cockroaches are particularly problematic; they’re so durable they can endure high level radiation, they reproduce quickly, and they survive on very little food. Entire book collections have been destroyed by roaches eating the bindings, and food stores and more can be decimated by an active roach population.

Bed bugs might be the most feared of all pests, and for good reason. They hide all throughout the home, on furniture, clothes and more, so it’s almost impossible to eliminate them all. They’ve become resistant to a wide variety of different pesticides, they reproduce at an astounding rate, and they feed on your blood while you sleep. Creepy and dangerous, if you see a single bed bug, there could be thousands. There’s a wide variety of techniques to deal with them, including raising the temperature in your house substantially, but these techniques require a skilled exterminator.

Owing to Winnipeg’s dense urban forest, there are a plethora of different bugs, beetles, critters and creepy-crawlers that might end up in and around your home. Call Gilles Lambert Pest Control; we’ve dealt with whatever you might be seeing, and we’ve got refined insect control techniques to get the pests out and make sure they don’t come back. Whether you have pests in your home, or your business is plagued by insects, we’re here to help.

We provide extermination for the following insects, be are not limited to:

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