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Protect your home from squirrel invasions with Gilles Lambert Pest Control. Our expert team provides humane and effective squirrel removal. Contact us today to ensure your space remains safe and squirrel-free.

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Ah, the squirrel. These bushy-tailed rodents are a staple of Winnipeg’s diverse ecosystem, a result of our dense urban forestation. When squirrels are outside, it can be an absolute joy to watch them running about, gathering food, their cheeks puffed up with more plant life than they can swallow. Sometimes they can be a bit of a nuisance, too, eating up the birdseed from bird feeders and acting like they own the place. Rodents tend to be pretty fearful, but some squirrels seem undaunted by the presence of humans, perhaps because we’ve lived around them for so long. Too many squirrels around, though, and you can quickly develop a pest problem; that’s why Gilles Lambert Pest Control offers squirrel removal services that Winnipeg can rely on.

Why Remove Squirrels?

Many people believe that squirrels are harmless, and for the most part, that’s true. The problem arises when squirrels enter your home or garage, or if you encounter rabid squirrels. Rabid squirrels are, thankfully, quite rare, but a squirrel with rabies can be fearless and aggressive, posing a threat to you and your pets. While human cases of rabies from squirrels are rare, pets are more susceptible to the disease, making it crucial to remove rabid squirrels if you’re a pet owner.

The Dangers of Squirrels in Your Home

Squirrels become significantly more dangerous when they enter your home. Though we often don’t think of squirrels as pests like rats or mice, they are rodents and can carry a variety of diseases. These diseases can spread through their waste, and if squirrels access your food stores, you could face significant food contamination and financial loss. Additionally, squirrels love to chew through things, posing a risk to electrical infrastructure and potentially causing short circuits, power outages, and damage to insulation.

Our Squirrel Removal Process

At Gilles Lambert Pest Control, we employ a variety of techniques to address your squirrel problem and prevent future infestations. Our process begins with specialized baited traps designed for squirrels, ensuring they are stable and effective. The next step is prevention; we conduct a thorough investigation of your premises to identify and secure all potential entry points. With our services, you can rest assured that squirrels will no longer be a problem in your home.

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