Squirrel Removal Winnipeg

Ah, the squirrel. These bushy-tailed rodents are a staple of Winnipeg’s diverse ecosystem, a result of our dense urban forestation. When squirrels are outside, it can be an absolute joy to watch them running about, gathering food, their cheeks puffed up with more plantlife than they can swallow. Sometimes they can be a bit of a pain, too, eating up the birdseed from bird feeders, acting like they own the place. Rodents tend to be pretty fearful, but some squirrels seem undaunted by the presence of humans, perhaps because we’ve lived around them for so long. Too many squirrels around, though, and you can quickly develop a pest problem; that’s why Gilles Lambert Pest Control offers squirrel removal Winnipeg can rely on.

Why remove squirrels in the first place? A lot of folks have this conception that squirrels are harmless, and for the most part, that’s true. The problem emerges when you have squirrels who are entering into your home or garage, or if you have rabid squirrels. Rabid squirrels are, mercifully, quite rare, but a squirrel with rabies is likely to be fearless, ready to bite you or, more significantly, your pets. Should you be bitten by a rabid squirrel, a doctor is best, but you probably won’t get rabies. Your pets, however, are more susceptible to the disease, so it’s especially important to remove rabid squirrels if you’re a pet lover.

Squirrels become even more dangerous when they enter into your home. Their usual habitat is our urban forest, so we often don’t think of squirrels as a pest in the same way we might think of rats or mice; they are rodents, however, and rodents can carry a wide variety of different diseases with them. These diseases can spread through their waste, and if they decide to try to access your food stores, you might lose a lot of food and money to contamination. They also love to chew through things; there’s a common joke among the people who plan vital electrical infrastructure that squirrels pose more of a threat to the power grid than antagonistic humans. This can mean a lot of damage in your enclosed space; short circuits, power outages, and damage to insulation can all happen when you have attic squirrels.

When we come to your home to deal with your squirrel problem, we’re going to utilize a variety of techniques in order to get rid of the squirrels who are bothering you, while preventing new squirrels from taking their place. The first step is accomplished with specialized baited traps; squirrels are fairly large and clever, so the traps must be stabilized so they can’t be moved by the squirrels. The next step is prevention; we’ll do a thorough investigation of your premise to find all the spots the squirrels might have entered through, and make sure they can’t get through those spots again. With Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services, you can sleep soundly, knowing that the squirrels won’t be scuttling overhead again.

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