At GL Pest Control, we are constantly striving to reach our goal: Providing our clients with the best pest control services available in Winnipeg. We want to be able to do things no other pest control company can do. To that end, we’ve purchased two new lifts: A 7.9 m / 26’ scissor lift and […]
ST. ADOLPHE, MB:  For Gilles Lambert Pest Control, the largest locally-owned pest control company in the Winnipeg area, this spring season promises to be filled with opportunities for growth and development.  From welcoming new team members to celebrating awards and achievements at the executive level, the business continues to thrive, expand, and reach new horizons.   […]
Many homeowners panic when they get unwanted visitors in their homes in the form of wild animals. These critters want a warm shelter and some food to eat. Our Winnipeg pest control company can help you with wildlife removal. Prevention is always key: How can you stop animals from getting into your home and causing […]
A cockroach infestation in your home is an unwelcome surprise for everyone. Regardless of which cockroach species you’re dealing with, you should know what their habits are and where they’re hiding out in your home. With this information, you can deal with the infestation more quickly and easily.  Get all the details on cockroach infestations, […]
Are you worried about a potential bed bug infestation in your home? Unfortunately, Manitoba has a rather serious problem when it comes to these nasty little critters. Knowing what attracts bed bugs to your home and how you can control them is crucial. Take it from a pest control company: The last thing you want […]
WINNIPEG, MB: Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc., a top pest control and pest extermination company in Winnipeg, is proud to announce that its owner, Gilles Lambert, has been featured in a CBC article about the rise in cockroach infestations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In the article, Gilles Lambert discusses a number of points of evidence […]
Pest control is an important aspect of maintaining any building, but commercial pest control comes with its own essential criteria. Fortunately, you can do many things to assist your pest control company in between treatment sessions. Many of these tips are similar to what you likely do at home to manage pests, but they may […]
Manitoba is home to all kinds of stinging insects—we’ve got: Our relationship with these stinging insects is tricky. On the one hand, we know wasps and hornets kill and feed on a variety of pest insects, and we know our bee populations are declining worldwide. On the other hand, stings from these insects can be […]
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