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When cockroaches have infested your home, you need pest control; call Gilles Lambert Pest Control for a cockroach exterminator Winnipeg can trust.

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Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill. There’s stories about cockroaches surviving nuclear bombs; they’re incredibly resistant to radiation. Try crushing a cockroach with your shoe, and you’ll probably find it doing just fine; their exoskeletons provide incredible armour without sacrificing flexibility. They can survive for a month without food, and they can eat just about anything, including the glue off of postage stamps. They’ve developed resistance to insecticides, having lived with humans for so many generations.

When cockroaches have infested your home, you need pest control; call Gilles Lambert Pest Control for a cockroach exterminator Winnipeg can trust.

Cockroaches can be found in almost any climate; many species are cosmopolitan, meaning they can be found throughout the world. The three species of cockroach most commonly seen in Winnipeg homes are the Oriental, German and American cockroaches, and each has distinct habits and appearance. These three species are all cold-averse, which means they can’t tolerate Winnipeg’s freezing winters; that’s why they take up residence in your home. Cockroaches are a pest species for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is their eating habits; they’ll eat foodstuffs, book bindings, and almost anything else they can get their mandibles on.

Cockroach Removal

One cockroach wouldn’t do that much damage, but there’s almost never just one cockroach. All three species breed at a spectacular rate, with some estimates that a single female can lay a thousand eggs in her lifetime. Some cockroaches will congregate on food sources, so they can quickly collectively devour food, books and other valuables.

All of the species of cockroach you’re likely to find in your home love dank, dark, tight spaces. This presents an additional problem when trying to exterminate the pests; you might think you’ve found them all, only to realize that a host of them were hiding in an unseen crevice, eggs hatching and breeding new cockroaches out of sight. That’s why the best way of dealing with cockroaches is to hire a professional exterminator, who will take care to eliminate all of the cockroaches using a variety of techniques including effective insecticides; we’ll do multiple sweeps of your home if necessary to take care of all the bugs, because the first attempt will often miss some eggs and young roaches.

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When your home is infested with roaches, there’s a few precautions you can take while you wait for the exterminator. First, put all of your food into sealable containers with latched, tight-fitting lids; do the same with your garbage. You can reduce hiding places for roaches by sealing off cracks in your home with paint and caulking. Placing traps is a good way of getting a sense of how many roaches are in your home, but traps alone are unlikely to eliminate all of the roaches. When you have them in one room, you have them throughout your home; they’ll congregate in small places and wander wherever there is food. That means if you see roaches, it’s time to call Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services; we’ll get rid of all of them.
For more info on cockroaches visit our cockroach info page.

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