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Winnipeg is a pretty unique city. Our climate swings about 80 degrees from winter to summer, and that means our habits change pretty drastically from season to season. We tend to spend a lot of time inside during the colder months, and a lot of time out and about in the warm ones. That’s not just true of humans, though; animals go through the same cycle, and unfortunately, many of them might decide to spend the chilly period bunked up with you! That makes Winnipeg pest control as unique and challenging as anything, and that’s why Gilles Lambert Pest Control is here to take care of your pest problems any time of season.


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INSECTS QUOTES A little humour and perspective.

To understand pest control, you first need to understand pests. Pests are basically any creatures that cause disturbances in thelives of humans. There are a lot of different factors that make pests annoying, but the four big ones to look at are diet, reproduction, habitat and disease. Animals will be pests if their diet consists of things that humans eat; sometimes, they feast on human blood! Pests are especially pesky if they reproduce really quickly; insects and rodents are quite bad for this. When animals make their home in your home, they can quickly become a nuisance. Finally, animals that carry diseases are incredibly problematic; they’re putting the health of you and your family at risk. This makes it imperative to get use a Winnipeg pest control company.


The number of different pest control techniques we used are asvaried as the pests themselves; each kind responds differently to different chemicals, baits and deterrents. The two broad strategies we employ are prevention and extermination. Prevention means going through every inch of your property and checking for places the pests you want gone could live, breed or travel through, and sealing off or eliminating those spots. Extermination means finding and eliminating the pests that are causing you to suffer. We employ both strategies to get rid of the pests and make sure they don’t come back.

The pests you’ll find in your home during the winter are those who can’t stand the cold, usually mice, rats and cockroaches. These critters will make their way through your walls, travelling through ducts, cracks and crevices until they infest your entire home. The earlier you call us, the more quickly we can get these problem pests under control; they all reproduce pretty quickly, and they’re all hungry, eating everything from your foodstuffs to, in the case of cockroaches, your book bindings. Mice and rats in particular carry diseases, many of which can be deadly. When you call us, we’ll find all the cracks and holes they could travel through, and we’ll use comprehensive baiting and extermination strategies to get rid of each and every pest.

The most annoying pest in the summertime? Living in Winnipeg, you’ve got to know it’s mosquitoes. With the city’s fogging efforts, a lot of folks don’t realize the incredible work our extermination team can do to take down the mosquito population in your yard. We start by doing a thorough analysis of the premises, finding any stagnant water that’s built up and getting rid of it. Then, we can use a combination of larvicides and ovicides to kill mosquitoes before they’ve hatched, while treating plants to get rid of adult mosquitoes who are bringing down your picnics.

The scariest pest for most families has got to be bed bugs. They’re notoriously hard to get rid of, resistant to many commonly used pesticides, and hard to detect until there’s already hordes of them, because they only bite in the dark. You want to get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible, because they hide in anything, the breed uncontrollably, and they live on human blood. When there’s enough of them, they can bite so much that they cause anemia; they’re a serious problem. We’ll use every technique necessary to get rid of the bugs, and even if we have to go through your home several times to get them all, we’ll get each and every one.

Winnipeg isn’t just a residential hub; it’s home to a thriving business community. In light of that, we offer pest control for both commercial and industrial businesses. The strategies employed here are different, because businesses have very different needs; the very product you sell, your livelihood, can’t afford to be tainted with pests. That’s why we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, focusing on Inspection, Identification, Prevention and Treatment. No matter what line of work you’re in, we’ll create a custom pest control solution tailored to your needs.

With Gilles Lambert Pest Control, you can expect high quality, customer focused solutions from a team with years of experience in the pest control field. No job is too big or too small for us, so give us a call today, and get the pests out of your life!