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The worst pests reproduce quickly, carry diseases and eat all of your food. That makes rodents a doozy, and that’s why we here at Gilles Lambert Pest Control have developed comprehensive, integrated pest control strategies to keep rodents out of your house and away from your property. We deal with all kinds of different rodents, from mice to rabbits to squirrels; each of them poses their own set of challenges, but we have the tool and expertise you need to take care of whatever rodent problem you might be facing. Contact a rodent exterminator Winnipeg right away.

Rodents are tough to catch, because they’re smart and agile. They’re the biggest group of mammals; they’re classified as mammals that have incisor teeth that don’t stop growing. Technically, rabbits aren’t rodents, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them off of your property. Rodents can cause a lot of damage, because they tend to be omnivorous; they’ll eat anything they can sink those constantly growing teeth into. Many of the rodents we deal with don’t actually enter into your home; rather, they’ll eat away at your garden, eat all the seeds in your bird-feeder, and generally knock around and disturb anything lying still on your lawn. The strategies to deal with these outdoor rodents vary depending on what animals are causing the nuisance, but they generally involve some combination of prevention and elimination. Prevention might be changing what’s in your garden, putting up fencing, or using repellant to get rid of the rodents; extermination might involve baiting and trapping or other techniques.

Pests are bad enough outside the home; when they get into the home, they can create real danger to your family. Rats, mice and other small rodents can carry a host of diseases; hantavirus can be transmitted through their waste, and they often carry fleas which can transmit bloodborne diseases from them to humans. They’ll also target your food sources, not only eating some but contaminating the rest. Squirrels can enter into your home as well, and any of these rodents may decide that your wiring looks like a tasty treat, causing potential short circuits, power outages and house fires. A wide variety of strategies are employed for dealing with indoor rodents. First, emphasis is placed on eliminating hiding places and corridors through which they can move; we’ll look for spots near your roofing and at the base of your home where animals could get in, then look at your interior for holes, cracks and crevices they could crawl through. The intelligence of rodents can be pretty astounding, and they tend to be cautious when something new appears on their feeding route; with that in mind, we’ll place baited traps just conspicuously enough so that the rodents will notice them without being too scared. A wide variety of other preventive and extermination tactics can be employed, depending on the scope of the problem.

The reproductive rates of rodents are staggering; when you see one in the home, it’s likely you’ve already got plenty of others. That means it’s imperative that you call Gilles Lambert Pest Control right away when you see one of these critters; we’ll get rid of the pests fast, so you can sleep easy.

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