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Wasp stings are the worst! Bees only sting once, because their stingers stay embedded in the skin, but wasps can sting you over and over again. A lot of folks think that wasps and hornets are a different class, but hornets are actually a species of wasp, in the same way that yellowjackets are. Hornets are bigger and meaner, though, so their stings hurt even more.

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Yellowjackets and hornets are eusocial, meaning they’re organized into complex colonies, and they really don’t like it when their nests are disturbed. Single wasp stings are painful, but multiple stings can lead to medical emergencies. Don’t take the risk if you’ve got a wasp nest in your yard; call Gilles Lambert Pest Control, and we’ll get rid of the nest without you risking your neck.

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There have never been widespread efforts to eliminate wasp populations; unlike some pest species, wasps provide useful functions, like preying on other problematic insects and pollination. That means wasps will be a constant pest for Winnipeggers, so adjusting your habits is the best way of dealing with them. When on picnics, avoid drinking canned drinks, as wasps can fly into the can and sting your throat, which can be a medical emergency. Keeping picnic food in sealed containers is a good idea, only taking the food out to eat. Avoiding flowery perfumes is also helpful, as wasps may mistake people who smell like flowers for actual flowers. Wearing long clothing is another good option, but that’s not always viable during our hot summers.

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You shouldn’t try to eliminate a wasp nest on your property alone. Wasps are extremely territorial, and a single nest can contain thousands of wasps, depending on its size. Some folks attempt to knock wasp nests around; this is obviously a very bad idea, because wasps don’t like getting knocked, and will see you as a threat, and a swarm of angry wasps is much more dangerous to you than you are to them. When you’re not a professional exterminator, it’s also extremely difficult to know how many wasps are held in a nest; many species prefer to burrow in the ground, so you may only be seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but this particular iceberg is filled with angry wasps.

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The biggest potential problem with wasps occurs when you’re allergic to them; if you are, wasps can send you into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition that can occur when allergies are severe. When someone in your family has wasp allergies, extreme caution should be taken. You can discourage wasps from nesting in your yard by filling in any holes in the ground where they’d be able to nest, eliminating stumps, and filling cracks and holes in the exterior of your home. Should wasps nest near your home, call Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services, and we’ll take care of the nest with no risk to you. To read more about wasps see our Wasp info page.

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