How to Control Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow spiders cause more concern than any other spider group.

Black Widow Spiders: Are there any in Manitoba?

There are a couple of species of black widow spider inside Canada: the northern black widow in eastern and southern Ontario and western black widow discovered in areas of BC to Manitoba. Black Widow spiders get transported around the country inside boxcars, moving vans, and freight and with additional transport like incoming ships. It has contributed to its widespread distribution.


Female Black Widows are jet black, typically with a red hourglass shape on their underside of the globular abdomen. Their body measures around ½” in length. Adult males don’t appear much like the female as they are around half the female’s size, have longer legs, and aren’t black yet lighter colored with white streaks on their abdomen. Males aren’t considered to be a severe biting threat.


Black Widows spin irregular, erratic shaped webs which lack any form or design. Their silken, thick webs are extremely strong - more so than almost all other spider species or arachnids. Black widow spiders are shy and retiring and typically construct their webs in spaces which are undisturbed where they hang around with their stomach facing up just waiting for a meal.  

Not an aggressive spider, it’ll bite in self-defense if threatened or disturbed. The majority of spider bites form Black Widow’s happen during accidental contact of the nesting site.  Be cautious about leaving clothing and tennis shoes outside overnight as they might become an appealing spider nest site.


This species likes to nest on the underside of rocks, boards, debris and inside plantings. In different areas of Texas, they’ve been typically seen on the undersides of playground equipment, fence railings, inside weep holes, in patio grills, outdoor air conditioning units and occasionally in sneakers left outside on the patio.

They like the outside yet extremes or changes in weather might cause it to migrate to the interior of buildings and homes. Also, they might hitch a ride inside potted plants or additional things brought in from outside.


Take precautions especially in Houston when working outside to avoid contacting the spider potentially hiding in or under something. Gloves might assist in preventing an uncomfortable bite.


Bites from a Black Widow might result in headache, nausea, high blood pressure, excessive perspiration, and muscle spasms. Shock and difficulty breathing might occur in some instances. Immediately visit your doctor for treatment if you suffer a bite.

Control of Black Widow Spiders

To assist in controlling the black widow spider, attempt to eliminate or reduce lawn debris and additional non-essential outside stored objects to help to minimize hiding spaces. Sweeping down and inspecting for webs, egg sacs and spiders, as well as stepping on them helps destroy a bit of activity. Occasional spider web hunts might help to reduce their population. The spider might not succumb to a handful of insecticides.

Professional Assistance

Our routine exterior services decrease the Black Widow’s food supply and directly treats the spiders. View more information about our spider control services here!

By Clint Rosevear on April 18, 2019
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