Mice Exterminator Winnipeg

The three qualities that make pests particularly pesky? Their eating habits, their reproductive habits, and their ability to spread disease. When they eat just about anything, your food stocks are going to get destroyed. When they reproduce quickly, they’re almost impossible to get under control yourself. When they carry disease, they create a threat to the health of your family. Mice have all of these qualities, and that might be why they’ve become the unwitting bannerets of unwanted pests. Mice control Winnipeg residents can rely on is important to deal with mice as swiftly as possible; that’s why you should call Gilles Lambert Pest Control.

One of the inherent problems with mice is their overall intelligence. They’re incredibly curious creatures, which makes them a bit easier to bait then some of their rodent cousins, but they typically won’t go on foraging paths outside of a small radius from safety. That means a mice exterminator Winnipeg can rely on will place traps appropriately throughout the home, ensuring that the mice will take at least some of the bait. Their intelligence also means patience and experience are true virtues; it may take some time to get them all, but it is possible with the right tools and expertise.

There are a wide variety of extermination techniques that can be used to deal with these little critters. Poison baits have fallen somewhat out of favour recently, but are still incredibly useful; mechanical traps have also maintained their utility. A great mouse exterminator Winnipeg can put it’s faith in will discuss these options with you; we want to ensure that you’re happy with our pest control solutions. Owing to how quickly mice reproduce, if you see one you’ll want to call us right away; one means many.

Getting mice out of your home is one thing; keeping them away is another. The best way of dealing with mice is prevention, so we’ll do a thorough inspection of your residence to find out where the mice might be hiding and where they might be getting in and out of the walls. Mice can use a complex network of spaces to get around; they can fit through holes as small as a pencil. We’ll find all of these spots and cover them appropriately once all the mice are gone in order to prevent new rodents from taking up residence in your home.

There are a wide array of different types of mice, from the house mouse to wild field mice, and each carry their own set of potentially deadly diseases. The patterns of these mice will vary from species to species, so great mouse control Winnipeg residents can use will take into account the species that are present in our environment and in your house. The techniques will vary depending on exactly what type of mice we’re dealing with, how many there, and the specific needs of your household. Gilles Lambert Pest Control is ready and willing to put in the work to make a difference; give us a call!

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