Pest Control For Commercial Spaces

Pest control is an important aspect of maintaining any building, but commercial pest control comes with its own essential criteria. Fortunately, you can do many things to assist your pest control company in between treatment sessions. Many of these tips are similar to what you likely do at home to manage pests, but they may require creativity in an office setting. 

Even if you have integrated pest management in your office buildings, here are a few things you can do to keep a pest infestation under control:

Keep Trash Out

The basic cause of many pest infestations is that insects and rodents find too many yummy treasures to munch on. If they no longer have to go out of their way to find food, they will likely keep coming back—and they may just bring their friends. Keeping trash under control is imperative to succeeding with a pest control program. 

You can seal trash into its receptacles with bins that have lids. Additionally, you may want to consider taking the trash out daily so that pests don't come around at night when things are quiet and dark in the office. 

Make Cleaning Up the Norm

Industrial properties may have the advantage when it comes to pest prevention. These types of commercial properties tend to have stricter cleaning standards than traditional office buildings, leading pests to seek shelter elsewhere. 

They won't find any spills leftover from lunch to snack on when things are vacuumed and mopped routinely. 

This also means that you will need buy-in from your staff. Encourage everyone to take care of the office space, wiping up spills and cleaning when they have downtime. These actions can help you get a pest problem under control before it truly starts. 

Even if you have a commercial cleaning crew come in to tidy up, encourage your staff to do their part. This is made easier when cleaning supplies are readily available. Consider including disinfecting wipes, brooms, dustpans, and even vacuums within easy reach of all your employees. 

Patch Up Commercial Buildings

If the building is older, you might need to caulk or fill in crevices where insects are finding their way in. This can be as simple as sealing doors and ensuring window screens are in good condition. Be sure to contact your property managers about this type of repair work; you don't want to do it on your own without their approval. 

Get Routine Pest Control Services

At Gilles Lambert Pest Control, we can visit your office buildings several times throughout the year to take care of pest problems before they get out of control. 

If you’re ready to implement successful pest control in Winnipeg for your commercial building, give us a call today to learn more. 

By Clint Rosevear on September 26, 2023
Learn helpful tips for dealing with pest infestations from GL Pest Control experts, including identification, prevention, elimination, and post-elimination measures.
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