closeup photo of two ants
Scientific Name :
Formicidae / Camponotus
Length :
0.3 to 1.0 in
Bites :
Spreads Disease :
Risk Factors :
Can cause serious structural damage to your home
How to get rid of
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Getting rid of ants can be a tricky undertaking, as it involves locating and eliminating the nest, or nests, that may be inside and/or outside your house, as well as any visible insects.

Ant colonies can contain as many as 500,000 ants, and because most live for several years, their populations have more continuity than other insects. Despite the large sizes, colonies can uproot and relocate quickly when threatened.

Food sources include the sweet fluids from plants or insects, fruits, vegetables and almost anything consumed by human beings. Ants will often enter homes in search of sweets, juices or grains and are useful scavengers of insects and organic matter.

Knowing which sort of ant has infested your home is the first step to know how to remove them from your home. There are a few common ants in Manitoba, such as Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, Sugar ants and Pharaoh ants.

They build nests inside wood consisting of galleries chewed out with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp wood. They do not consume the wood, however, unlike termites. Sometimes, carpenter ants hollow out sections of trees. They also commonly infest wooden buildings and structures and are a widespread nuisance and major cause of structural damage.

Carpenter ants do not spread diseases or infections; however, they can still be dangerous. The danger with carpenter ants comes from the fact that they make their nests in wood. If they choose your home for their nest, they can cause serious structural damage. For pest control in Winnipeg choose GL pest control. See all our services for insect control in Winnipeg.

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