Scientific Name:Oryctolagus cuniculus
Length:up to 45cm
Spreads Disease?Yes
Risk Factors: Disease and property damage

How to get rid of this?

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Southern Manitoba is home to three types of rabbits.  In Winnipeg, we mostly see Eastern Cottontails, which have dense grey-brown coats, short fluffy white tails, and long ears.  Outside the city, you may see White-Tailed Jack Rabbits (which are large and grey with powerful back legs and black-tipped ears) or Snowshoe Hares (which are brown in summer and white in winter with oversized back feet that resemble snowshoes).

Habitat, Diet, and Life Cycle


Rabbits inhabit woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, and riparian zones.  They are highly adaptable but must live in habitats that have enough ground cover to provide shelter from predators.  Rabbits live in underground burrows but also take shelter in brush or under anything else that will hide them from view.  They are commonly found in urban green spaces, including yards, parks, and golf courses.


Rabbits are herbivores (vegetarians) and feed primarily on grasses, clovers, bark, twigs, stems, and buds.

Life Cycle

Rabbits can live up to seven years in the wild.  And they can produce up to five litters of babies every single year.  That’s a lot of tiny rabbits!  Young rabbits begin exploring outside their nest after just two weeks, and by seven weeks, they are fully independent.

Why Do I Have Rabbits?

Probably because you have a protected yard with safe hiding places and (possibly) tasty treats such as flowers or garden vegetables.

How Worried Should I Be About Rabbits?

Though common, rabbits are serious pests.  Aside from eating your flowers and garden vegetables and digging holes on your property, they can also carry diseases such as Rabbit Fever.

How Can I Prevent Rabbits Invading?

The best defence against rabbits is a tall, sturdy fence that is buried underground.  You can also try removing collections of debris to eliminate potential hiding spots.

Are Rabbits Rodents?

No.  Though rabbits, like rodents, have continuously growing front teeth, they actually belong to the order Lagomorpha, not Rodentia.

Professional Rabbit Removal

Though they may look fluffy and adorable, rabbits are unwanted pests that should be removed.  If you have a rabbit infestation on your property, call Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. to manage the situation.