Silver Fish

closeup photo of a silverfish
Scientific Name :
Lepisma saccharina
Length :
12 mm
Bites? :
Spreads Disease? :
Risk Factors :
Low: Can cause damage to clothing, paper, books and contaminate food
How to get rid of
Silver Fish
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Silverfish have a creepy appearance resembling venomous centipedes. They are considered the most cursed insects after Cockroaches. Silverfish have alternative names which include Paramites, Fish moths, Lepisma saccharina and carpet sharks. Silverfish are a type of wingless insect; they are carrot-shaped with small bodies covered with gray scales and silver overall color. They have a fast, fish-like movement and possess tail with three pongs. They have antennas which protrude outwards. Silveraresh is considered to be an omnipresent insect found on all of the continents except Antarctica.

Silverfish do not carry diseases nor do they bite humans. Silverfish, when disturbed, scurry to safety. They are very quick. They are known to hide within crevices or cracks out of human reach. They are nocturnal and virtually disappear by day. They nest near food sources.

Silverfish while harmless to humans, may cause destruction to papers, books, clothing, walls, and leftover food. Silverfish make holes in things leaving behind yellowish stains. They are usually found in damp and dark areas such as garages, under sinks and bathrooms. They may dwell under piles of damp clothing, plumbing or carpets. Silverfish multiply rapidly, so controlling their populations can be difficult. Silverfish are harmless, they do not bite humans neither do they carry or transmit diseases. Their mandible is fragile, so they can only chew their food and remove skin cells which may be dead. They have been known to cause allergies in humans with symptoms such as bronchial asthma or allergic rhinitis.

Silverfish feed upon polysaccharides. They consume leather, clothes, old card boxes, wallpaper, carpet, sugar, photos, starches, cosmetics, and coffee. They consume wallpapers and book bindings primarily to feed on the glue which binds them. They feed on a variety of plants which leads to rotting leaves. Silverfish eat the books by layers and avoid burrowing themselves within the pages. They consume food containing starch, protein, and sugar i.e. flour and cereals. They feed upon cotton and starched linens. Silverfish contaminate the stored food so you should throw such stuff if you see any signs of infestation as it may lead to illness. They are also known as urban bugs as they chew floor and walls. They may appear in sinks, bathtubs, and windows. Silverfish infestations are usually seen in bathrooms, attics, laundry rooms, kitchens, and basements. Leaking pipes are the favorite residing places for Silverfish as they prefer moisture.

Silverfish can be controlled through the application of bait stations and insecticide products. For all your Winnipeg pest control needs choose GL pest control.

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