Soaring To New Heights: GL Pest Control’s New Lifts Boost Our Pest Control Strategies

At GL Pest Control, we are constantly striving to reach our goal: Providing our clients with the best pest control services available in Winnipeg. We want to be able to do things no other pest control company can do. To that end, we’ve purchased two new lifts: A 7.9 m / 26’ scissor lift and a 15.2 m / 50’ boom lift.

Let’s dive into what our two lifts are designed to do and how we plan on using them in our pest management strategies:

Reaching New Frontiers in Pest Control: How Our Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Work

Our new 26’ scissor lift features a stable platform, perfect for lifting staff members and equipment up in the air. At 26’, the scissor lift is perfect for reaching high ceilings, the tops of some trees, behind signage, the top shelves of warehouses, and more.

The 50’ boom lift is even more impressive; it can reach the top of some of the tallest trees in the city, and it’s perfect for getting to areas that are high up on a building’s exterior. The boom lift also offers some horizontal movement, so it’s great for getting to hard-to-reach places.

Together, these two lifts allow us to offer pest control in places that no other pest control company in Winnipeg can reach. When purchasing these lifts, we had two primary goals in mind: Eliminating pests in hard-to-reach places and improving our integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. Let’s take a closer look at how our lifts allow us to achieve those goals:

Using Our Lifts for At-Need Pest Control

A number of pest species in Winnipeg choose to make their homes in hard-to-reach places, high above ground level:

  • Hornets and wasps often build their nests under eaves, roof peaks, and other high-up structures, as well as in trees.
  • Birds can nest in rafters and on high-up ledges.
  • Rodents, like squirrels, can make their homes in rafters and may enter or exit your building through holes. 
  • Spiders can make webs in eavestroughs, rafters, and other hard-to-reach places.

Our lifts allow us to reach these places and exterminate or move these pests, reducing disruptions to your home or business and improving sanitation. Pest removal alone, however, is a temporary solution—in order to truly be rid of pests, you need integrated pest management.

Using Our Lifts for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a fancy term for a complete pest control management strategy—one that stops pests from infesting, to begin with, coupled with traps and other tools to exterminate pests that make it through the barriers we put into place.

Lifts allow us to implement pest management strategies at points we couldn’t reach otherwise. This includes:

  • Filling holes in roofs and other high-up structures where pests can enter
  • Installing bird deterrent systems like netting, spikes, and sonic devices
  • Installing bait stations and traps for rodents
  • Installing barriers and insecticides to stop insects from entering
  • Installing chimney caps, screens, vent covers, and other barriers
  • Installing cameras, sensors, and other monitoring equipment


Our new lifts give us the ability to tackle problems that no other pest control company in Winnipeg can tackle. When you’ve got pests coming from high up, GL Pest Control is the place to call. Contact us today! 

By Clint Rosevear on May 15, 2024
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