Stop Wildlife From Getting In Your Home

Many homeowners panic when they get unwanted visitors in their homes in the form of wild animals. These critters want a warm shelter and some food to eat. Our Winnipeg pest control company can help you with wildlife removal. Prevention is always key: How can you stop animals from getting into your home and causing chaos? 

Follow these tips to keep wild animals away from your cozy home, the humans who occupy it, and your pets:

Eliminate Small Holes on the Exterior of Your Home

Squirrels and other animals don't need much room to squeeze their small bodies into your home. If you have a small hole in the exterior of your home, it could be enough for even larger animals like raccoons to wiggle their way inside. 

Patch all holes that you can find and pay attention to your vents. 

For example, your chimney, roof vents, or air vents may require screens to prevent wildlife from shimmying their way in. Take an honest survey of your home and note where a wild animal could find entrance. Even if it seems small, this solution could offer relief from wildlife problems. 

Eliminate Yard Debris

Different animals will love the clutter and debris around your home. It's a warm and cozy place for them to nestle in the winter weather. Plus, it's often protected and allows them to build a shelter to get out of the rain and wind year-round. While some animals may just scavenge from your debris, others will move right in. 

If you are serious about removing wildlife, it may mean that you need to overhaul your exterior clutter to keep wild animals out. Clean up tree branches and yard debris, clutter around the home, and anything else that might appear friendly and welcoming to critters. 

Eliminate Indoor Cracks and Holes

Wildlife control experts will tell you that it doesn't take much for a wildlife problem to run rampant in your home. If given access, holes and entry points can be fairly small and still welcome in smaller animals like mice. Every small hole should be caulked or otherwise sealed if you want to keep wildlife from trying to find food in your home. 

Even small holes can be great places for rodents and animals like squirrels, mice, and birds to call home. Much like you eliminated holes on the outside of your home, you should fill and block all holes you find inside your home. 

Get Rid of Wildlife for Good

These tips will help you keep your house and attic free of pests and critters that could overrun your home. If you have been seeking a rodent exterminator in Winnipeg, Gilles Lambert Pest Control has the expertise to help you eliminate any rodents that have taken up residence. 

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you get every unwanted animal out of your home! 

By Clint Rosevear on April 15, 2024
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