Winnipeg Pest Control Company Proudly Marks Its Eighteenth Anniversary

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  Gilles Lambert Pest Control, the largest independent pest control service company in Manitoba, will be proudly celebrating eighteen years in business this November.  Since its humble origins as a one-man operation, the business has grown and flourished, now serving all of Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. 

When Gilles Lambert first founded his pest control business in November of 2004, he wanted to build a company that was rooted in his passion for overcoming challenges and helping people.  Eighteen years later, he takes great pride in the results of his hard work and efforts.  Today, Gilles Lambert Pest Control has seven service vehicles, eight full-time licenced technicians, and a reputation for excellence.  

“We know our stuff,” says Gilles Lambert, owner of Gilles Lambert Pest Control.  “We believe it is important to have an understanding of the biology and behaviour of any troublesome pest, and we use our years of experience to select the best methods of prevention and control.”  

GL Pest Control is committed to minimizing public health hazards, ensuring its staff are fully certified in compliance with all governing associations and using products and methods that are environmentally conscious.  At its core, though, Lambert attributes his company’s success to the strong relationships it has built and continues to build with local customers.  In his own words, “our commitment in providing quality services for clients has always been our top priority.”  

Winnipeg has just had its first frost, so technically wasp season is over.  With the winter forecast being similar to last year’s, Lambert expects the rodent and squirrel season to soon be very active.  Unfortunately, winter can be an active time for other pests as well.  

“German cockroaches are prevalent throughout Winnipeg,” says Lambert.  “Their numbers have overtaken bedbug complaints for the second year in a row and show no sign of weakening at this time.”  

For more information about Gilles Lambert Pest Control and the services it provides, visit  

By Clint Rosevear on October 12, 2022
Learn helpful tips for dealing with pest infestations from GL Pest Control experts, including identification, prevention, elimination, and post-elimination measures.
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