Winnipeg Pest Control Featured in CBC Discussion

WINNIPEG, Canada - GL Pest Control, Winnipeg’s leading pest control company, is proud to announce that Gilles Lambert, owner and founder of the company, has recently been featured in a news story to discuss the increasing problem that homeowners and business owners are facing from cockroaches. Gilles was featured on CBC Manitoba and Radio-Canada OHdio. 

About ten years ago, the primary pest problem that his company was called to deal with was bed bugs. However, over the last eight to ten years, there has been a consistent and persistent increase in cockroaches in the city; cockroach issues now outweigh bed bugs as the most significant issue his clients face. 

“Cockroach infestations are becoming an increasing issue in Winnipeg and the surrounding area,” said Gilles Lambert of GL Pest Control. “Perhaps the most crucial piece of advice I would like to offer to any homeowner or business owner who identifies a cockroach problem is to get in contact with us as a matter of urgency. The problem with cockroaches is that they are very adaptable, and the pesticides and other treatments which we used to use are becoming less effective. I was delighted to be asked for my opinion and advice both in print and on the radio. If anyone needs advice on how to deal with a cockroach infection, then contact GL Pest Control today.” 

Gilles Lambert Pest Control Services Inc. started as a small one-man company with nothing but past experience. After much hard work and effort, the company developed, and because of its integrity and many satisfied customers, it has flourished into what it is today, the largest independent pest control service company in Manitoba. The company is proactive, using current techniques and innovations to discover treatment methods that advance its competitive position. The company has six full time service vehicles, eight full-time licenced technicians, and two administrative assistants. The company first began in St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, and has moved its office to St. Adolphe, Manitoba, which is just 12 minutes south of Winnipeg to better serve all of Winnipeg and surrounding areas. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website:

By Clint Rosevear on May 19, 2021
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