13 Facts About Cockroaches

According to the pest control professionals at Gilles Lambert Pest Control, cockroaches are one of the most disliked pests among their customers. Below we list 13 cockroach facts which assist in keeping them alive and well.

  1. Several cockroach species just mate one time yet then are pregnant for life. Notorious for their prolific breeding, depending upon the environment they live in and their species, egg capsules from cockroaches are created anywhere from four to seventy days.
  2. Roaches may hold their breath for about forty minutes. It’s why utilizing store bought bombs aren’t effective at destroying most cockroaches which exist inside a structure. As cockroaches detect poison in the air, they’ll take a deep breath then run for cover for cleaner, safe air!
  3. Cockroaches are able to live for one whole week without ahead! This creepy, but interesting pest, only dies because it cannot drink any water without ahead!
  4. Typically, cockroaches are nocturnal and sleep for around 75 percent of the day. If you notice them in the daytime, it is a good sign that you have a severe infestation.
  5. Cockroaches easily can survive without consuming food for one month; however, deprive them of water for one week and they’ll be dead! However, eliminating water accessibility is impossible in businesses and homes, as water is inside every commode and sink drain.
  6. You never can sneak up on a cockroach. Cockroaches have a nerve that runs from the head to the tail which alerts them of impending harm.
  7. A single egg hatches up to 40 new roaches in just 1 month!
  8. They have reflexes that are faster than human beings, which permit them to run quickly and provide them with the capability of swimming with great ease. Cockroaches have a hard time coming up for air because they breathe through their sides, and not their noses.
  9. If you notice a “white cockroach”, do not be frightened…it isn’t a ghost roach! It is simply a cockroach that has outgrown its outside skeleton and has shed his skin.
  10. Cockroaches tend to have one helpful purpose for human beings…if you have a stinging wound, it’s possible to crush a cockroach then apply the pest to the wound to alleviate the pain.
  11. If you’ve ever had an infestation and chased the bugs around your house attempting to kill them with your shoe, you know how quickly they’re able to run. Good luck attempting to catch them, as they’re able to scurry away at up to 3 MPH!
  12. For centuries, the majority of cultures have utilized cockroaches for medical reasons to cure urinary tract infections, inflammation, indigestion, and additional physical ailments.
  13. The lack of regular food sources isn’t an issue for resourceful cockroaches, as they’ll turn their feasting to paper, glue, clothing, leather, soap, toothpaste, hair, or even other dead cockroaches or their very own droppings.

No matter the kind of species that has invaded your business or home, you’ll need the assistance of a cockroach control professional to completely eliminate the filthy bugs.

By Clint Rosevear on April 4, 2019
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