Are Cockroaches Worse In Summer Or Winter?

Resilience is a great trait to have, except when it comes to cockroaches. These pests are notoriously hard to get rid of once they settle in your home. They can survive up to a month without food and can tolerate radiation better than most animals. An insect this loathed has no right being so hardy, but that’s the reality when it comes to cockroaches. As winter approaches, many homeowners look for ways to pest-proof their homes. And there’s one pest that nobody ever wants to see: the dreaded cockroach. Do their numbers increase more in the warmer or cooler months?

Given the fact that cockroaches are cold-blooded, they tend to lay low during the wintertime. The summertime is when they choose to breed. But the outside weather will make little difference to a cockroach that’s already inside your home. Their numbers may actually increase once the snow falls since they are looking for a place to stay warm. If they manage to infiltrate your home, they’ll breed just as much as they would during the summertime. Year-round, a cockroach infestation is a serious problem.

Since these pests are only active at night, they’re not always easy to catch. Keep your eyes peeled for signs that roaches are hiding in your drawers. Since they like warm and humid areas, cockroaches tend to congregate in kitchens or bathrooms. Make sure never to leave food out, including dirty dishes; doing so is like offering them a free meal. These bugs shed their skin as they grow, so keep an eye out for shells that are left behind. A bad smell may be noticeable, somewhat similar to oil or grease. You may also notice their droppings throughout your home, on shelves or food cabinets. These black streaks can resemble pepper flakes.

How do you keep a cockroach infestation under control? First, try to identify where they’re getting inside your house. Take a look at your windows and doors - if they need their weather stripping replaced, don’t hesitate to do so. Try and seal any other gaps or cracks in your home’s foundation to make it completely pest-proof. If you spot a roach in your home, then it’s time for a deep clean. These nasty insects will search for sources of food, so cut them off wherever possible. Clean out the crumbs in your kitchen drawers, toaster, and oven. It’s a good idea to do a thorough sweeping of all your floors. Never leave out plates of food at night, since this is the time when roaches are most active. Close off all garbage sources, and try to eliminate excess clutter. But the best way to kick out your unwanted guests is to call an exterminator. 

Summertime is the season where cockroaches thrive. But, if they get inside of your home, they’ll breed happily within your heated, humid walls at any time of the year. If you see any roaches roaming your house, call a pest control company in Winnipeg. At Gilles Lambert Pest Control, we know how difficult it can be to get rid of these pests. We’re determined to save your house from these creepy crawlies.

By Clint Rosevear on September 23, 2020
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