Do you have concerns about pests finding their way into your garage and making their home? The good news is that you may be able to eliminate the possibility of a pest infestation simply by cleaning your garage the right way. Pests are naturally attracted to certain things like clutter and debris, as well as […]
When dealing with an infestation of critters, you need to ensure that you’re hiring the most appropriate service to rid your home of them. Both pest control and animal control companies can help eliminate issues, but the way they go about it is often different. Understanding what each type of service offers is key to […]
Are you dealing with an intense termite or carpenter ant problem? Because both of these insects tend to burrow in the wood of your home, it can be challenging to tell the difference between them. Proper identification is key to getting the right pest control services, so here’s what you need to know about the […]
WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  Gilles Lambert Pest Control, the largest independent pest control service company in Manitoba, will be proudly celebrating eighteen years in business this November.  Since its humble origins as a one-man operation, the business has grown and flourished, now serving all of Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. 
Many people spend hours in their gardens tending to their plants. If you have a green thumb and want to keep your garden in top shape, you might be curious about whether pest control could possibly be harmful to your plants. After all, pesticides are made from chemicals. If you’re applying it around the exterior […]
Bed bugs are never good news. These blood-sucking critters have a bad reputation. And it is a well-earned one because bed bugs are not only nasty, but they're also hard to find and can be even tougher to eradicate. You may be familiar with what adult bed bugs look like, but what about babies? Or […]
When you see squirrels storing nuts in the fall, you might assume that they do it every year of their lives. But would you be surprised to find out that most squirrels actually only go through this ritual once or twice? That's because the life expectancy of a wild squirrel is only between ten and […]
Whether you’ve remodelled your basement to give you more livable square footage or you use it for simple storage, you might notice that it attracts a lot of bugs. This is due in part to the moisture levels of basements, which are often higher than the rest of the home. If you’re finding a lot […]
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