Bed bugs are never good news. These blood-sucking critters have a bad reputation. And it is a well-earned one because bed bugs are not only nasty, but they're also hard to find and can be even tougher to eradicate. You may be familiar with what adult bed bugs look like, but what about babies? Or […]
When you see squirrels storing nuts in the fall, you might assume that they do it every year of their lives. But would you be surprised to find out that most squirrels actually only go through this ritual once or twice? That's because the life expectancy of a wild squirrel is only between ten and […]
Whether you’ve remodelled your basement to give you more livable square footage or you use it for simple storage, you might notice that it attracts a lot of bugs. This is due in part to the moisture levels of basements, which are often higher than the rest of the home. If you’re finding a lot […]
One of the perks of renting a home instead of purchasing one is that many responsibilities are placed on the landlord instead of the renter. From appliance repair to major water damage, these issues are solidly placed on the owner of the property. The question is, who is responsible for some of the other expenses […]
You spend hours tending your garden and want to ensure that you can harvest all of those lovely vegetables and flowers throughout the season. Only one thing stands in your way: Pests who want to feast on your flowers, berries, and veggies. The good news is that there are a few easy tips you can […]
Is there anything worse than trying to enjoy your backyard and being swarmed with wasps? Besides being loud pests, these insects also have a painful sting that can leave you scrambling to get away from them. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions to your wasp problem. Some of them can even be done with […]
Did you know that cockroaches can carry bacteria that can lead to illness in humans? If you have a roach infestation in your home or business, it is imperative to get it treated right away. However, there is more to pest control than simply allowing the exterminators in the door. There are a few key […]
Ants belong in tiny hills in parks and forests, not inside your home. But if you suspect that tiny insects are lurking within your house, where should you look for them? To understand where ants hide, it’s helpful to know what attracts them. You’ll often find ants near these locations: With these things in mind, […]
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