People in Winnipeg breathe a collective sigh of relief when springtime arrives. Finally, we don’t have to pay high heating bills or wear huge jackets when we go outside!  But spring comes with problems of its own; for example, pests like mice and voles. These rodents can wreak havoc in your home or garden. How […]
Pigeons can be admired from afar; they have bright feathers, interesting group behaviours, and their funny walk is hard to miss. But when they make your home their home, they aren’t so endearing.  You don’t want to harm the pigeons, but you do want them to pack their bags and head elsewhere. How do you […]
Discovering that you have bed bugs is never a pleasant realization. You may have felt bites in the night, noticed marks on your arms, or even seen one crawling on your furniture.  How will you sleep at night knowing that lurking bed bugs might snack on your skin? Yuck! Your knee-jerk reaction might be to […]
In Winnipeg, many of us shack up inside our homes during the winter and avoid venturing out into the cold whenever possible. But you may not be the only one who’s seeking warmth in your house. What’s that sound you hear in the attic? Who keeps leaving droppings in your sock drawer? If you notice […]
It’s another beautiful morning - until you notice the bite marks on your legs. These strange red dots are itchy and irritated, and they confirm your worst fear: bed bugs. If you’ve dealt with a bed bug infestation in the past, then you know how dreadful and drawn-out this process can be. Before you toss […]
Resilience is a great trait to have, except when it comes to cockroaches. These pests are notoriously hard to get rid of once they settle in your home. They can survive up to a month without food and can tolerate radiation better than most animals. An insect this loathed has no right being so hardy, […]
Ah, summertime; full of sunshine, pool parties, and… ladybugs? When the snow melts away, you may spot some unwelcome guests in your home. These pesky critters hibernate during the winter and re-emerge once the snow melts. If you have a ladybug infestation, read on for the most common causes and what you can do to […]
Springtime brings along its energizing sunshine, refreshing spring rains, and beautiful blooming flowers. However, all of this also comes with the re-emergence of bugs. During winter, most bugs hibernate, some change their habitats, while others find shelter in the cracks and crevices of your home. When winter chills are finally over, bugs come out to […]
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