What Are The Most Common Bugs Found In Basements?

Whether you’ve remodelled your basement to give you more livable square footage or you use it for simple storage, you might notice that it attracts a lot of bugs. This is due in part to the moisture levels of basements, which are often higher than the rest of the home. If you’re finding a lot of insects and arachnids in your basement, here’s what you can expect to find: 


Silverfish crave moisture and high humidity, two conditions that often present themselves in wet basements. Particularly if you have pipes or other fixtures that leak water or drip from condensation, silverfish may move in and call your basement home. While they aren’t known to bite and aren’t venomous like some centipedes, they’re still an unwelcome guest in most homes. 

Chances are you’ll turn on the lights, and they’ll scurry away, but you still want to get rid of these little bugs via pest control. 


Many people are frightened by the eight-legged arachnids that spin webs all over their basement. Spiders tend to like moist places and often feast on the other bugs that inhabit this part of the home. In Manitoba, spiders in basements and elsewhere are not venomous.


Cockroaches are one of the peskiest species of bugs that you’ll find in your basement. They usually like to reside in areas that aren’t cleaned frequently and have high moisture levels. Even if you have no cracks in your foundation, they will find other ways into your home. For example, many can crawl through the drains and utilities before they make a home for themselves in the moist environment in your basement. 


Centipedes love the basement because they find plenty of good snacks to eat. Centipedes will hunt and eat flies, crickets, and even spiders. This makes them ideal houseguests, but you might not want them in your basement. They typically only emerge in the dark which makes a less busy basement the ideal place for them to hide out until their next hunt. 


Last but not least, one of the most common bugs found in the basement is the cricket. You’ll find more of these bugs in your basement during the summer season because they seek shelter from the heat. Your basement will feel much cooler to them, so they’ll find any way they can to get into your moist living spaces. Keep in mind that they are nocturnal, coming out mostly when the lights are low. 

Hiring an Exterminator

 No matter what type of bugs you find in your basement, you need a professional way to eliminate them for good. You need a top-notch exterminator . Gilles Lambert Pest Control is here to help you get control over your basement’s infestation of bugs. Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment and eliminate those insects from your home!

By Clint Rosevear on August 16, 2022
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