Wondering why pests like hanging out in your basement? Well, there are a lot of different things that make basements a safe haven for creepy crawlies of all kinds. First off, pests are generally shy - it’s a survival mechanism for them. Pests will do whatever it takes to avoid exposure and your basement is […]
In Winnipeg, some pests will enter your home in the fall to stay over the winter. Then, in summer, as you lay out in your patio or the beach trying to soak up every ounce of sunshine, you may find yourself fighting off mosquitoes, if not wasps. In Winnipeg, different seasons attract different pests. These […]
As nature would have it, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to control. You can blame this on their ability to multiply quickly, hide in extremely tiny spaces and go without their preferred meal (human blood), for a long period of time. In just one year, bed bugs can produce three to […]
In a recent post, we talked about cankerworms and Winnipeg’s urban forest. We mentioned that while cankerworms can weaken a tree, they are not an immediate threat to the tree’s life. Today, we take a look at two bugs that are an important threat to Winnipeg’s beautiful trees; the elm bark beetle and the emerald […]
When people think about pest control, a lot of the focus is on pest control for the home, or for commercial spaces. There’s no doubt that finding a mouse in your house can be a bit disconcerting, and that it’s even worse to find rodents in your kitchen; you be shut down for health violations! […]
Winnipeg is a beautiful city. We have a mix of incredible architecture (if you’re as inclined to brutalism as I am), historic landmarks like the Forks and Upper Fort Garry, our incredible rivers, and, of course, our urban forest. Our forested areas provide a plethora of advantages to Winnipeggers. They increase the quality of our […]
Subterranean termites get into the house from the soil then make foraging tubes. The tubes – oftentimes referred to as “mud tubes” – are around the width of one pencil and are brownish in colour. They’ll offer shelter for foraging termites. As termites are inside your house, they’ll feast on the wood inside of it. […]
The Winnipeg bed bug exterminator experts of Gilles Lambert Pest Control understand first-hand that there’s bad and good information that’s floating around online, the papers, and additional media sources in regard to bed bugs. It may be challenging for the average consumer to understand what details are correct and how they can respond to those […]
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