Winnipeg is a beautiful city. We have a mix of incredible architecture (if you’re as inclined to brutalism as I am), historic landmarks like the Forks and Upper Fort Garry, our incredible rivers, and, of course, our urban forest. Our forested areas provide a plethora of advantages to Winnipeggers. They increase the quality of our […]
Subterranean termites get into the house from the soil then make foraging tubes. The tubes – oftentimes referred to as “mud tubes” – are around the width of one pencil and are brownish in colour. They’ll offer shelter for foraging termites. As termites are inside your house, they’ll feast on the wood inside of it. […]
The Winnipeg bed bug exterminator experts of Gilles Lambert Pest Control understand first-hand that there’s bad and good information that’s floating around online, the papers, and additional media sources in regard to bed bugs. It may be challenging for the average consumer to understand what details are correct and how they can respond to those […]
Black Widow spiders cause more concern than any other spider group. Black Widow Spiders: Are there any in Manitoba? There are a couple of species of black widow spider inside Canada: the northern black widow in eastern and southern Ontario and western black widow discovered in areas of BC to Manitoba. Black Widow spiders get […]
According to the pest control professionals at Gilles Lambert Pest Control, cockroaches are one of the most disliked pests among their customers. Below we list 13 cockroach facts which assist in keeping them alive and well.
Watching the villain in a movie or cartoon getting swarmed by a horde of angry wasps is highly entertaining. But if you have a wasp nest somewhere on your property, you know that wasps are no joke. Wasp nests are a serious concern for homeowners, and a lot of misinformation surrounds their removal. Searching the […]
Humans are fascinated by ants. One reason for this is how irritating they can be; an anthill near your home or a swarm of ants at your picnic can create a host of unpleasant problems, from inconveniences to real damage to your food and health. The other reason we’re so fascinated by ants is that […]
My son brought this Youtube channel to my attention and I must say that I found it quite captivating! The Brave Wilderness Channel is a collection wild world of adventures and amazing up-close animal and insect encounters! Watch here as Coyote Peterson allows himself to be stung by a wasp, describes to you how it feels and […]
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